What to feed a pony with laminitis?

Oh my god! My head is fried!! I’ve been looking into my pony’s diet, he’s currently fed Topspec Antilam and Allen and Page fast fibre and 10kg soaked hay split over a 24hr period. He won’t eat any of the low sugar chaffs and we need him to eat his feed for his meds.

The Laminitis site seems to be jammed with info, but it’s really confusing me. He’s week 1 of 3 total box rest for stabilising his pedal bones and I want to make sure he’s getting all of his vitamins and minerals to help support his recovery. He’s PPID, rotation in both fronts and 25.

The Laminitis site talks about supplementing with Vitamin C, B and E, but surely he will be getting that from his balancer? Or do I need to add more of those vitamins to his feed?

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    Here is a list of the percentage sugar content of the most commonly fed chaffs. High sugars have an increased risk of laminitis, obesity, tooth decay as well as poor behaviour and excitability.
    % of sugars in common chaff feeds low to high -
    <1% Topchop Zero
    <2% Topchop Lite
    2% Spillers Happy hoof molasses free
    2.25% Baileys Light chaff
    2.5% Dengie Hifi Molasses free
    2.5% Dengie Healthy hooves molasses free
    2.5% Baileys Alfalfa plus oil
    4 - 8% Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal
    4.1% Ossichaff Cool Hoof
    4.5% Dengie Alfa Oil
    4.5% Dengie Alfa Molasses free
    4.5% Dengie Healthy tummy
    4.5% Spillers Alfalfa pro
    4.6% Mollichaff Alfa oil
    <5% Simple Systems Lucie Stalks
    <5% Topchop Alfa
    5% Dengie Healthy hooves
    5% Spillers happy hoof
    5% Spillers Daily fibre
    5% Spillers Conditioning fibre
    5% Dodson and Horrell Safe and Sound
    5.2% Just feed Just Chop
    5.5% Honeychop lite and healthy
    5.5% Honeychop Alfa
    6 - 8% Mollichaff hoof kind
    6 - 9% Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal Muesli
    6.3 - 7.2% Mollichaff Donkey
    < 7% Simple Systems Greengold
    7% Dengie Hifi Lite
    7 - 8% Mollichaff Calmer
    < 7.5% Topchop Sport
    7.5% Baileys Alfalfa blend
    8% Dengie Alfa Lite
    8% Honeychop Senior
    8.5 - 9.5% Mollichaff Condition
    9% Dengie Hifi original
    9% Dengie Hifi Good doer
    9% Honeychop Calm and shine
    < 10% Simple Systems Timothy Chop
    < 10% Topchop Grass
    10% Dengie Alfa Original
    10% Dengie Hifi Original with apple
    10% Dengie Senior
    10.5 - 15% Mollichaff Veteran
    11% Baileys Ultragrass
    11.5% Honeychop original and plus
    12% Dengie Meadow grass
    12% Dengie Grass pellets
    12% Northern Chop Graze on
    12 - 15% Mollichaff Show shine
    13% Ossichaff Advanced
    15 - 19% Mollichaff Herbal
    15.5% Ossichaff Original and Garlic
    16 - 21% Mollichaff Original
    16 - 21% Mollichaff Extra
    17.5% Baileys Golden chaff
    17 - 22% Mollichaff Applechaff

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    Our vet said that as long as they are having a decent balancer, they should be getting everything they need. If you start adding extras you can sometimes cause more harm than good.

    Our pony is laminitic with cushings and ems and he is on simple system metaslim, organic lucie pellets, dengie hifi molasses free and alfabeet. He is out 8am to 4pm daily and has ad-lib haylege when in his stable overnight. It’s a case of finding what works for your pony - they are all different.

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    Personally I'd feed Thunderbrooks chaff, although my boy did well on hi fi molasses free for years, add dried mint (I get from progressive earth as its consistently minty lol) and do speedibeet rather than fast fibre as I understand it's high in iron. I'd use a powder balancer either forage plus or progressive earth as it's just a scoop rather than adding calories or a bagged feed type balancer.

    You usually need to feed heaps to get the daily allowance. I use lamialert from freestep too. The superfix Is great but expensive.

    I'd also get a good trim, boots and pads and allow gentle free movement. You need circulation in the feet to heel them while supporting coffin bone underneath, I'm not talking about flying around, just walking between hay and water etc. Boots and pads are a great investment. Good luck to you with your pony.

    If you get the Diet and management right itll come. Have you tested for IR/EMS/Cushing's? Xx

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    Beware feed companies that tell you they are sponsored by the Laminitis Trust. They are paid by said feed companies to be endorsed. Anything below 10% sugar/carb combined should be ok, less if possible.

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    After trial and error I found Mo would eat the recommended amount of dengie healthy hooves molasses free, theoretically gave all her essentials.

    She was quite sensitive in that she needed well under the 10% but she did well on this and still has it. She's very picky so a bonus that she will eat it!!


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