What to feed a laminitis prone pony with weight loss

Hello, I am searching for a bit of advice.

My pony (13.2hh cob) had a bout of Laminitis in June last year however she has now made a full recovery. On vets advice she was put on a very strict diet of soaked hay and minimal turnout. She is now going out every other day with a grazing muzzle and is still on soaked hay.

Over the winter she has lost so much weight that she is starting to look scrawny 😞. Does anyone have any tips on how I can help her gain some weight and muscle without risking another bout of laminitis? She isn’t in any proper work at the moment but I am slowly bringing her back into work.

Literally any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance xx

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    I added micronized linseed the last couple of months but stopped it now grass is coming through. More work gradually built up will help build muscle over time xx

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    Do you have any photos? If she’s not been working then it might just be muscle she’s lacking, in which case gradually increasing correct work as you are will be perfect - hills, pole work, schooling with an active walk while stretching her neck down and lateral movements are all good ways to start. She needs to be using her body properly to build the right muscles and if she’s unfit focus on getting her to do that in walk for the first 3-4 weeks before introducing trot.

    If she’s not had any physio/body work recently then I’d think about having someone out to see her once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

    A decent balancer should ensure she has enough protein for her current level of work, Forageplus have some helpful articles on protein in their website. I use their balancers for my ponies and they don’t need anything extra even when hacking at all gaits for hours 😊

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    Mine was same, I had him on speedimash, top spec all in one powder balancer and salt. Changed him to performance fibre, fibre beet and same salt and balancer and he looks so much better!

    He’s in full work though although minimal jumping since virus as ground isn’t good enough at home and can’t get to hire anywhere.


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