What to feed a laminitis horse who struggles to keep weight?

Does anyone have a horse which struggles to keep weight but gets laminitis? I’ve got a 17hh ish who recently had laminitis, and start of rotation on left fore. We managed to get him under control and back to his normal routine. Today however he has come in with hot feed, pulses on both front legs and is lying down a lot, this has literally happened over night, his feet was fine yesterday evening.

He has had a syringe of finadyne which is from my vets, and now on box rest with deep big bed to door, he’s on soaked hay. My question is, if there is anyone out there in the same or similar situation regarding weight, what are you feeding? He has agrobs mash, and coolstance copra and has been for the last 3yrs?

He is also prone to ulcers so again must be ulcer friendly! I feel like I’m loosing the battle with him 😖

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    Keep him off grass. My appy list heaps of weight which was good but now I'm thinking she might need a bot more weight as we go into winter. I've been reading so much stuff.

    I think I might add a little bit of beet pulp everyday and just make sure I rinse it after soaking. Another thing I might try if needed is maxisoy.

    All this is new to me so I just need to see what works for my horses.

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    Have you tested for underlying conditions ems/cushings. Our pony has both and his laminitis was grumbling on - we were feeding him Antilam recommended by vet but he wasn’t improving, went in for 2 yrs one step forward 3 back, changed to simple system metaslim and he was sound within a week.

    Have you xrayedbso farrier can trim to xray if any rotation? You need to literally pull your management down to what is fed by grams what is done by minutes and find the trigger... good luck x


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