What to feed a horse with laminitis – mash feed ok?

My pony has top spec zero chaff and a good vits and mins (calm healthy horses) and salt. I was told to use a chaff that doesn’t have anything it it so he has the correct amount of bits and mins and no extra of anything. But his feed is so bland, he doesn’t actually enjoy it.

I thought about adding fast fibre or speedibeet but calm healthy horses said not to use as then his intake won’t be correct. Is there a mash feed that has barely anything in it, that I can add to bulk it out?

My pony is not laminitis but I know a lot of you will be good with feeds low in additives and other things.

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    I use a small amount of linseed but I used to use copra. Both good for omega oils and both quite tasty. Obviously if you don't want to add weight just use a cup full damped (or wet if copra) down with his chaff and vitamins.


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