Itchy skin

Hi, my horse was diagnosed with cushings several years ago through abnormal shedding and he was extremely itchy (to the point of making his skin weep/bleed through rubbing).. he ended up on steroid tablets but then came down with laminitis (2.5 years ago), he was taken off the tablets straight away but was nearly pts 2 years ago due to the laminitis. We’ve managed to save him and he is now being ridden gently and turned out as a normal horse (albeit with a muzzle when needed). However, he is still really, really itchy..he’s clipped all year round and the itching managed with topical steroid cream and spray when needed.. he is on a Chastetree Berry supplement and Brewers Yeast supplement to try and help but it’s like he needs an oil based one.. Is there anything you can recommend that is oil based but not calorific?? (I have to manage his weight as he’s a good doer).. I was thinking about micronised linseed or something but I’m worried about calories…thank you

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