How to treat laminitis in a pony?


My pony is in a pickle! She’s suffering from laminitis but also has very poor teeth. Can’t put her on restricted grazing nor can she have longer grass. Vet has suggested a tennis court sized area with bark chippings and soaked hay but this isn’t possible as it’s not my land.

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    If hay is an issue with old teeth , can you soak chaff ??? Can you ask where she is if she can have a lane way done with hot tape maybe ? So she can graze with others. Along side but you can really know I out the grass in her strip area ??

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    Bark chips is not ideal.. Could you erect a yard area e
    With a shelter and put nice deep shavings as bedding, their feet need to be supported and bute for pain.

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    Once your horse has had laminitis, it can rarely go back to a *normal* horse life. If you can keep her in full work and really monitor her weight and daily digital pulses then grass may be an option?

    Track systems can work well as they promote movement. but at the detriment of some properties. My mare has lived in very large yards for the last 3 years with NO grass at all.

    Even when she was back in full work I gingerly allowed her only inhand grazing daily for short amounts of time. Once laminitic ALWAYS laminitic.


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