How long for a horse to recover from laminitis?


Hi everyone,

Currently 6 weeks after my ponies first bout of lami he had xrays and showed very very little rotation.. When he was first diagnosed he was in absolute agony couldn’t even move one step and had to go on strong painkillers for 2 weeks.
I’ve owned him 7 years and he is not overweight he is a full Connie.
The only change is that he hasn’t been ridden since September due to me being pregnant.

he’s barefoot with cloud boots on the front.

He’s had blood tests and all his bloods (cushings, glucose etc all completely normal)

Vet suggested I started to turn him out on a bare paddock which I have for a few hours a day he still seems like he’s struggling to walk, he can walk just very cautious and sore.

He’s still on 1x bute a day.

I just don’t know what to do from here I feel like he’s never going to get any better.. 😭

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    Sorry to hear about your guy.. I had a Welsh A that was down on ground for 6 weeks. I only had her on bute for 5 days then swapped to natural devil's claw, white Willow mix. The herbs definitely made her more comfortable than Bute.

    Once she was up she shared a large yard with a friend and I kept making the yard area bigger the more mobile she got. It's hard to watch them struggling but he will improve. My girl competed at Welsh Nationals earlier this month in Leadrein.

    We didn't win as she's still got a way to go but it was a goal we aimed at and achieved.

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    It takes time to recover from laminitis. You're looking at the best part of a year for a new hoof to grow. Apart from not being ridden have there been any other changes?

    Diet? Hay? Turnout? How often is his trim cycle? Apologies for the questions, it's just to get a picture.

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      Just a thought. Has he been on box rest? Is the ground in your bare paddock hard? I know mine is as we've had no rain (hallelujah) for a few weeks and it's almost completely dried out

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        He used to have a full set of shoes on but I took them off in December.
        He’s always been on hay but it’s now being soaked for an hour and then rinsed.
        Before lami bout he was fed on chaff and balancer.

        I have since changed this to just speedi beet & forage lamine plus balancer and also trinity consultants P45 herbal supplement.
        He used to be on day turnout before his lami bout now he’s just out a couple of hours per day.

        He’s currently being trimmed every 4 weeks.

        He has improved a lot since 6 weeks ago I just expected to see a bigger improvement by now.

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          it sounds as though you know what you're doing. I'm just wondering if he's still transitioning from being shod? I'm sure you know it can take a good while. Improvement varies tbh.

          My mare took a couple of years continually throwing abscesses as she healed. We have another one who struggles with cold weather induced laminitis but he can be over it in a day. Maybe give yourself a bit more time, 6 weeks is no time at all. Is his new growth at the correct angle?

          If so, you're on the right track but it will need to continue for a while. Have you tried putting him out in his boots?


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