How long box rest for laminitis?

I’ve had my chronic lami x-rayed today. He has rotation in both fronts but his pedal bone hasn’t stopped (sinker?) His right fore is worse than his left and the tip of his pedal bone is nipping something between the sole and the pedal bone (lamilar something) which is what is causing the severe pain he is in when walking.

He’s 25 with Cushing’s. Vet said we have a long road ahead, starting with 3 weeks solid box rest on a deep shavings bed to stabilise the foot, then it’s corrective trimming every 4-5 weeks and re-xraying every other trim.

Has anybody had a pony recover from rotation?

How long am I looking at box resting him before he can go out and be a pony again?

Vet wouldn’t/couldn’t give me time frames, I know every horse is different and it depends on how he responds to the treatment but I just wanted a rough estimate. Vet was hopeful and said that he has known horses with worse rotation than mine come right, but it’s not an easy journey, it’s bumpy and their may be days when I question if I’m doing the right thing. I just want him to enjoy his retirement, to be out in his paddock (bare!) and feel the sun on his back again, pain free and lami free.

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    My 16 year old pony had laminitis with slight rotation October 2018. Once he got over the laminitis, the farrier put clogs on his front feet.In March 2019, he was allowed out on pasture - timed release with a muzzle, until he was out with the rest of the horses from 730am to 330pm. Have not been allowed to ride him until this month as farrier wanted to wait until the hoof had regrown.

    My horse is now barefoot once more. Because of the time he has had off, I am going to take my time getting him used to the weight of a Western saddle once again and slowly get back to riding him. As you have said, every horse is different, for mine it has been 1 year and 4 months. Worth the wait. Best of luck with yours.

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    Have you got a copy of the xrays? It sounds like he has had hoof detachment rather than rotation. The hoof needs to grow down and reconnect with the pedal bone.

    I've just come through a laminitis crisis with pony lying down for 6 weeks. Never did I restrict her movement. That was Sept 19, she know runs with the herd and going to a show in 4 weeks.

    But I'm at the end of a keyboard not first-hand seeing what's happening.

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    My boy had rotation in both his back feet. 1mm from coming through the sole. I used strong floor mat sponge to make frog supports for his pedal bone. Its the abscesses next, he will get worse before he gets better & will need to lie down. Water in 2 locations as he will not be able to get far.

    Soak his hay. My boy was 9 months in his stable before he could go out for 1 hr then gradually increase. Hes now back competing at carriage driving but he is getting frequent abscesses still. But he loves life and i am so glad we saved him

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    My cushings mare was 20 when she foundered with a good degree of rotation. I bought boots, had her trimmed every other week for months then 3 weeks, 4 weeks etc... She's now at between 6-8 weeks as she is sound. I overhauled her diet, made sure nothing had more than 5% sugar/starch in it in total.

    I made her a small paddock which eventually became a track (muddy atm) so she could be out 24/7 as she also has copd and being stabled would have made that so much worse. She's fine now but I agree with the abscesses, your pony will very likely develop them as his healing goes along, they're not nice but they are a normal part of the healing process.


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