Hoof boots for laminitis – running out of options?

My boy has Cushing’s, he is medicated and his last reading was 83, which for him is very good!
He doesn’t have EMS/insulin resistance, his insulin readings have always been normal.
He is 25 years old and was diagnosed with Cushing’s 9 years ago following a bout of laminitis.
He was doing really well until May 2017 when he came down with lami again, it took nearly 6 months to get him completely right but he did recover. The following summer (2018)we managed him well and he didn’t come down with Lami. Last year in June he came down with Lami again following a yard move and there being too much grass in his new field.

I moved him back to our original yard in September after trying and failing to manage his recovery in a field. He was box rested for 8 weeks and fitted with heartbars which seemed to instantly relieve his discomfort. By November he was almost back to normal, a little bit footy on hard ground but he has a very short walk from his stable to his pen. He is managed on soaked hay, fed lami light and fast fibre, he’s on shavings and matting, his pen is almost bare and he has soaked hay out during the day. He still has heartbars. By mid December I noticed he was getting increasingly sore again, with slightly warm coronet bands, he went back onto Danilon and has always been on Tumeric. Last week he could barely walk, he stayed in and I called the vet who advised increasing his Danilon. He was trimmed on Monday and the farrier found some calcified fluid which had gathered within his hoof capsule putting pressure on the laminae, he cut all of this out and reseated his heartbars. He is still no better, he’s on 2 Bute a day and extremely hobbley.

I don’t know what else to try, he has no evidence of rotation or sinking of the pedal bone.. he is just so sore all of the time. My vet and farrier have both said that this doesn’t look like a flare up of laminitis although he is a chronic laminitic so they are not ruling it out. We always said when he was diagnosed 8 years ago that it would be quality over quantity, when his bad days put numbered his good days we would make a decision… But now it feels like that decision is looming and I am grasping at straws to try and make him more comfortable.

I have read about cloud boots/hood boots and wondered if anybody had any experience of hoof boots and pads working better than heartbar shoes?

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    My story is pretty much the same as yours. My saviour is paracetemol along with the danilon. It was the only way to get our old man comfortable again. Now whenever he gets sore or footy...straight back on the paracetemol xxx

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    My mare has been fighting lami for 2 years and is now 99% sound, I took off her shoes and used Scoot boots which have definitely been her saviour ! Also check your hay hasn’t changed as the slightest change in hay affects mine x

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    I would remove the fast fibre and move onto copra, can he live on an arena with no shoes on? or a pad on feet on arena.

    I agree on adding the paracetamol to the Danilon mix for comfort. I think movement is good if he's not out of control, plenty of haynets around the arena, or grass free turnout.

    I used woof wear boots on arena surface for mine https://www.woofwear.com/for-horses/bandages--wraps--therapy/medical-hoof-boot_wb0063-blue-h0.html

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    Once you get him sorted with new boots as it is better for them being barefoot if you can and you will pick up straight away any soreness and start to take him for short walks as this helps the hoofs very much to heal along with diet and yes any hay change can cause soreness.


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