Can shoeing cause laminitis?

Hi my horse ella had laminitis about 3-4 years ago and tonight she seems to of come down with it again. 😞

She was fine earlier today, she had the farrier this afternoon and now seems to have lami. I have made her a deep bed upto her stable door, hosed her feet, given bute and put magnetic overreach boots on.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or have experience of there horse getting laminitis after shoeing?

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    Does she have noticeable pulses I her fetlocks? If yes, them probably laminitis if not perhaps farrier trimmed a bit hard. See how she is tomorrow.

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    She might just be sore after the farrier. How long since the last visit? Is she overweight? Does she have cushings or PPID? You've done all the right things by keeping her in. Did you give any bute?

    Hope she's ok in the morning, if not call your vet out, or at least get their advice on the phone.


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