17 year old Thoroughbred gelding diagnosed with laminitis


Advice needed from all those with laminitis experiences!

16.2hh Tb gelding 17yrs old and been diagnosed with the first case of laminitis in his life.

He was lean coming out of winter and was diagnosed with laminitis 2 weeks ago – has gone from lame to sound and is a lot happier in himself.

Our issue now is that over 2 weeks of restriction he is losing weight by the day, but obviously too soon to be out of the clear with this bout if lami

Any ideas/tips ect to get some weight on him before his condition is irreversible is much appreciated!!

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    Given their age and them being underweight I would be leaning towards them possibly having cushings so I'm thinking bloods would be ideal.

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    If grass was the original cause then he needs to be removed from all grazing at this stage.
    To ascertain if he is IR or PPID id get bloods asap. You need to test for Insulin, glucose and ACTH.

    He could very well have Cushings.

    I'd put him on the Emergency Diet asap but feed him 2% - 2.5% of his body weight over 24hrs to increase weight.


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