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Laminitis sends a shiver of fear down the back of horse owners and veterinary surgeons around the world and this truly global disease can have an impact on all horses from a miniature pony to the elite athlete.

Laminitis should be treated as an emergency by horse owners and prompt, collaborative efforts between veterinary surgeon, farrier and owner can lead to a successful outcome in many cases. The recent developments in laminitis research give us a greater understanding of this disease and this knowledge will undoubtedly allow us to improve the welfare of our horses now and in the future.

The information, suggestions and links (hereafter referred to as “information”) contained in this website are provided for information purposes only and should not be relied upon nor replace professional veterinary advice.  Information is non-veterinary, is based as far as possible on current research, does not constitute advice or diagnosis, and should be discussed in full with all relevant vets and hoofcare or other professionals.  No responsibility is taken for the accuracy or suitability of information contained in this website, and no liability accepted for damages of any kind arising from use, reference to or reliance on any information contained in this website.  If you suspect your horse has laminitis or is ill, please consult your vet.